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Breach Pen Cert-Pen Kit

The CertPen Kit was developed to encourage users to get trained and certified on the operational use of Breachpens. This kit can be used in conjunction with the online Certification course (sold separately). The CertPen was designed to support and encourage training, with a burn time of 20+ seconds. This CertPen enables users to practice their cut approach whether they’re refreshing their technique or using it to create test cuts for the certification course training.

The CertPen kit includes:

2 x Breachpen CertPen

1 x Breachpen GEN II

2 x extra matches

1 x BDS40 MK5

With the CertPen kit you can use the CertPens for your test cuts and have a GEN II to help you prepare for the unexpected. The kit includes 2 extra matches as we recommend you carry extra matches with your Breachpens for the “just in case” situations. We also recommend having a fire suppression device on standby and the BDS40 MK5 Fire Suppression device is included in this kit to fit that need.