PODAVACH U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader

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The new element of your AR-10 shooting quality is lightweight, can be easily attached and reattached and enables you to load 2 magazines in 60 seconds with just one hand. Meet AR-10 U-Loader from Podavach – the simple solution that erases finger pain and supports multiple calibers. Highly compatible with metal and polymer magazines, this stylish, battle-tested accessory will deliver you a lot of fun on the range.

U-Loader Specifics:

  • the pusher is equipped with a magnet for extra security
  • loads any polymer and metal magazine under 15 seconds
  • round markers for different calibers are etched on the loader
  • supported by 3 rubber feet to prevent gliding
  • waterproof and durable to stay in action even during cold/wet season

Designed for:

  • Riflemen who practice their shooting in cold/freezing weather
  • Marksmen who train in intense combat conditions
  • Seasoned riflemen: to get rid of finger pain and improve user experience
  • Beginning riflemen: for a smoother and more natural training