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The Overwatch Commander

THE OVERWATCH COMMANDER is our premier Quick Detach Tripod/Monopod Modular System that delivers a stable monopod/tripod set-up with the ability to pivot from the base and head of the system allowing for elevated shots and shots down target. The flexibility in height achieved by the QD Adjustable Monopod and QD Monopod Extension combined provides for wide traverse and elevation. We have also constructed and attached new Leg Extensions with Center Stabilizer to the base QD Tripod for additional stability and sturdiness. The entire system weighs 5 pounds and 15.8 ounces.

NEW! Spikes are also included that can be installed at bottom end of the extended legs by removing rubber feet and screwing onto bottom of the legs.

This configuration includes:

  • 1 QD Tripod
  • 1 QD Adjustable Monopod
  • 1 QD Monopod Extension
  • 1 Tripod Adapter
  • 1 Monopod Adapter
  • 1 Modular Direct Connect
  • 1 Standard Tripod Extension
  • 1 QD Tripod with Leg Extensions and Center Stabilizer
  • 3 Leg Spikes (6061-T6 aluminum, black hard anodized)
  • 1 Tactical Carry Case

Mid-Evil Industries has designed and engineered the necessary components to create a tactical shooting system and have integrated the QD Tripod, QD Adjustable Monopod and QD Monopod Extension into our line of Quick Detach accessories.

The Overwatch Commander is an extremely stable shooting platform that is quickly and easily deployed in tight spaces. This new lightweight, compact system is capable of what many heavier, larger tripods on the market can do and allows for widespread accessibility because of its small footprint.

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